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Caltrain WP7 App

Build and Run
1. Open "Caltrain Schedule.sln" in VS2010
2. Set Startup Project to "Caltrain Schedule"
3. F5

SL Toolkit for WP7
Galasoft MVVM for WP7

Folder Structure
Source - Contains source files for WP7 app
LatestGTFSData - Contains the latest Caltrain GTFS files downloaded from Caltrain's website
Submission - WP7 app submission related files
TransitDataParser - Desktop command-line app that parses GTFS data and spits out ProtocolBuffers serialized binary
Unittest - Unit-test files. Only placeholder files for now.

GTFS is essentially an RDBMS that is spit out as text files. There aren't any SQL options in the WP7 SDK, so my approach
is to parse the data once, then spit out a binary serialized file that contains the hashtables necessary for lookup.
The serializer used is Google's ProtocolBuffers.

TransitDataParser needs to run every time the source GTFS data changes (See README.txt under LatestGTFSData). This will
output a file named "schedule" which is included is an embedded resource in the Caltrain WP7 app.

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